Accreditations & Qualifications


 allowing us to provide quality training courses which are industry recognised and accredited through a range of associated organisations.


We recommend that whatever your training requirements you should always use an accredited training provider if you want to make sure the training is safe, legal and to the industry standard.

 Training accreditors aren’t just another form of trade association we pay to be part of; they’re an integral part of the training industry  working closely with organisations like the government and the Health and Safety Executive.

They ensure training standards are consistent and professional, producing delegates who work to a high standard following best practice and the latest legislation; their accreditation is intended to guide employers and individuals towards making good training decisions.

Becoming accredited isn’t just about filling out some forms and sticking a logo on our website either, our accreditors ensure we meet their standards and continue to do so in the long term through strictly enforced codes of conduct.

As a fully accredited training provider;

  • We are subject to regular monitoring visits to ensure our quality standards stay consistent
  • We follow training course syllabuses which have been approved by the relevant accrediting body
  • We only ever employ experienced and fully qualified instructors and tutors to deliver our training
  • All our training courses are delivered at appropriate premises; whether our own dedicated centre or an area of your business premises set aside specifically for the purpose

Further Information

Accreditation by recognised accrediting bodies in any industry is entirely voluntary and standards can vary a great deal as a result. Using an accredited training provider gives employers and employees the assurance they are working towards industry recognised standards and ones in line with the Health and Safety Commission’s Code of Practice and Guidance

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