Information on Forklifts


Whether you have never driven a fork lift or have decades of experience operating one, there’s always something new to learn whether improving your experience or qualifying as an instructor.

Fork lift trucks have always been our speciality and we provide training on them for everyone from novice operators to highly experienced instructors through a range of accredited courses. The following pages provide a range of information on fork lifts ideal for new operators to gain a general overview or for those re-training to update themselves on the more recent developments, equipment and opinions.


Types of fork lift truck
Fork lift trucks come in a wide range of configurations, each adapted to specific industries or uses, and whilst the basics stay much the same from type to type especially amongst standard counterbalanced lift trucks, it can be useful to understand some of the differences in design and application.

Fork lift components and attachments
Knowing the name and function of the key parts and components of a fork lift is really an essential to operating one, and getting to know some of the wide range of add-on attachments available and the capability they can provide can improve your productivity and general health and safety approach.

Fork lift control and capability
Running through some of the primary abilities of fork lift truck vehicles this useful information for novices or those on refresher courses covers the basics of understanding load capability, best practice usage and general safe operation.

Associations, standards and training
There are a wide range of organisations acting as trade associations, safety legislators and training accreditors, all working towards improving standards and safety in all aspects of fork lift operation and usage; this page runs through a few of those organisations and the roles they play.

Other equipment we train people on
We also provide training on a range of other commonly used plant machinery and vehicles including mobile elevated working platform, HIABs, side loaders, PCVs and LGVs used throughout sectors including transport, logistics, access, construction and loading.

With a team of highly skilled, experienced and fully accredited training instructors based out of our training centre at Canterbury in Kent, we work alongside businesses utilising fork lift vehicles and the individuals operating them to consistently improve skills, standards and safety across the country from Bolton, Blackburn, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Norwich, Swansea, Reading, Nottingham, Leeds, Portsmouth and Southampton.

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