Employees who manage or supervise the use of work equipment should receive adequate training for purposes of health & safety, when using lift trucks, ITTSAR has therefore designed this course to cover current legislation requirements. This course is aimed at existing or potential managers and supervisors of activities involving lift trucks.

Potential Benefits Include:

– Improved Efficiency
– Lower Insurance Premiums
– Accident & Near Miss Reduction
– Minimise Damage
– Continued Professional Development
– Reduced Maintenance Costs
– A Safer Working Environment

Course Elements:

– Health & Safety at Work Act & Current Legislation
– Relevant Operator Knowledge
– Relevant Managers & Supervisor’s Knowledge
– Accident Prevention
– Risk Assessment
– Monitoring Records
– Hazard Spotting
– Practical Observation Test
– Theory Tests

The aim of this course is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to recognise, prevent and correct unsafe practice in the use of work equipment.

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